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Heritage Radio Catalog - page 5 #201-225

201 U.S. STEEL HOUR/THEATRE GUILD [4/26/54] NBC "1984" by George Orwell A chilling look at a society dominated by "Big Brother". .
202 THE CBS RADIO WORKSHOP [1/27/56] CBS "Brave New World" Narrated by the author, Aldous Huxley. The story of a world where everything is designed for a purpose, including the people!
203 THE LUX RADIO THEATRE [12/1/41] CBS "A Man's Castle" Starring Spencer Tracy and Ingrid Bergman.
204 MUSIC FROM AMERICA (THE BELL TELEPHONE HOUR) [WW II] NBC/AFRS Guest, Fritz Kreisler plays seven original compositions.
  MUSIC FROM AMERICA (THE BELL TELEPHONE HOUR) [WW II] NBC/AFRS Guest, Jascha Heifetz plays several selections with Donald Voorhees' Orch.
205 YOU BET YOUR LIFE [2/10/58] NBC Starring Groucho Marx. The secret word is: "People". Plus: Bob & Ray - 3 skits.
  THE DEAN MARTIN/JERRY LEWIS SHOW [2/27/47] NBC - 2nd show/William Bendix.

JOHN F. KENNEDY - THE PRESIDENTIAL YEARS [11/22/83] A Documentary commemorating the twentieth anniversary of his assassination. Produced and Narrated by Tom Heathwood, on "Heritage Radio Theater", WTTP-AM, Boston.

207 POST TOASTIES TIME [7/2/42] NBC Daddy enlarges the baby carriage. With Fanny Brice as "Baby Snooks", and Hanley Stafford as "Daddy".
  VIC and SADE [6/8/43] NBC "Putting Up The Porch Swing". 15 minutes.
  VIC and SADE [7/23/43] NBC "Lodge Robe Alterations". 15 minutes.
208 THE HOWDY DOODY SHOW [Early 1950's] NBC Saturday morning radio version of the TV show. With "Buffalo" Bob Smith, Howdy, and all the gang.
  THE BOB SMITH SHOW [8/25/47] WNBC-AM, New York. Bob sings, plays records, gives news, weather and sports in this pre-Howdy morning show. Guest, Donald Duck (Clarence "Ducky" Nash). Plus: Bob and Ray skit.
209 BLONDIE [2/16/50] ABC "Alexander The Actor" Starring Arthur Lake and Ann Rutherford, with Jeffrey Silver as Alexander.

THE ADVENTURES of OZZIE and HARRIET [10/5/51] ABC "Sales Resistance" Starring Ozzie, Harriett, David, and Ricky. Guest, Sheldon Leonard.

210 LADY ESTHER SCREEN GUILD PLAYERS [9/20/43] CBS "The Maltese Falcon" Starring Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Sydney Greenstreet, and Peter Lorre.
  FAVORITE STORY [1946-49] SYND "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville. Starring William Conrad, Howard Duff, and Frank Lovejoy. With host, Ronald Coleman.

DUFFY'S TAVERN CBS "Miss Duffy's Coming Out Party" With guest, Bert Gordon "The Mad Russian". Plus: Bob and Ray skit.

  SUSPENSE [10/1/61] CBS "No Hiding Place" Starring Court Benson and Grace Matthews. Plus: Bob and Ray skits.
212 MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE TIME [5/26/49] NBC Starring George Burns and Gracie Allen. Gracie rubs elbows with the "International Set".
  THE QUIZ KIDS [3/21/48] NBC With Joe Kelly as Quizmaster.
213 AVALON TIME/THE RED SKELTON SHOW [4/29/39] NBC Skelton portrays a bank night-watchman. Vocalist, Red Foley.
  2000-PLUS [11/5/50] MBS "The Giant Walks" Tale of science, uncontrolled!

BREAKFAST IN HOLLYWOOD [August, 1945] ABC With Tom Breneman, and his son.

  SAYS WHO? [3/16/58] CBS Panel quiz hosted by Henry Morgan. Cute! With panelists: Joey Adams, Dagmar, Orson Bean, and Hermione Gingold.
215 THE BOB HOPE SHOW [3/19/46] NBC From Cleveland Ohio. With Jerry Collona, Frances Langford, and special guest, Governor Frank J. Lausche of Ohio.
  LUM AND ABNER [January, 1948] CBS "Off To Washington" The boys are invited to President Truman's Inauguration. Plus: Bob and Ray skit.

SUSPENSE [12/28/47] CBS "Too Little To Live On" w/Ozzie & Harriet.

  STRAIGHT ARROW [? 1949] MBS "Land Grabbers" Starring Howard Culver.

ARTHUR GODFREY TIME [4/28/72] CBS Review of the year 1947. With guest, Richard Hayes. Third to last show of series.

  GUNSMOKE [4/22/56] CBS "Indian Crazy" Starring William Conrad. Plus: Bob & Ray skits.
218 THE LONE RANGER [6/2/50] ABC "Joe Fletcher". Brace Beemer/John Todd.
  TALES OF TOMORROW [3/26/53] ABC "The Old Die Rich" by H. L. Gold.
219 MR. PRESIDENT [7/3/47] ABC Starring Edward Arnold as Grover Cleveland.
  MR. PRESIDENT [7/10/47] ABC Starring Edward Arnold as John Quincy Adams.
220 THEATRE ROYAL [7/12/54] BBC "The Tale" by Joseph Conrad. Starring Sir Ralph Richardson. With host, Sir Laurence Olivier.
  THE FRED ALLEN SHOW [4/3/44] NBC/AFRS With guest, Oscar Levant. "The Mighty Allen Art Players" do "North Dakota" (parody of "Oklahoma")
221 THE FAT MAN [1/17/51] ABC "Nightmare Murder" Starring J. Scott Smart.
  THE ADVENTURES OF SAM SPADE [8/46] ABC "Sam And The Psycho". Starring Howard Duff as Dashiell Hammett's famous, fictional detective.
222 LIGHTS OUT [9/7/43] CBS "Lord Marley's Guest" by Arch Oboler.
  THE GRAND OLE OPRY [10/3/51] NBC With host Red Foley & guest, Carl Smith.

HALLMARK PLAYHOUSE CBS "April 25th, As Usual" stars Ethel Barrymore.

  FAMILY THEATER [Easter, 1947] MBS "The Passion, Death, And Resurrection of Our Lord" Starring Ethel Barrymore, with host, Lionel Barrymore.
224 THE FIRST NIGHTER PROGRAM [5/6/48] CBS "The Tin Box" Starring Barbara Luddy and Olan Soule, with Willard Waterman.
  STARS OVER HOLLYWOOD [11/15/47] CBS "Ask Thyself" stars Brenda Joyce.

HOUSE PARTY [10/6/49] CBS Starring Art Linkletter. With a feature on consumer fraud, and Art's famous interviews with kids

  THE GREEN HORNET [3/25/46] ABC "A Soldier And His Dog".